Here are our answers to the top questions we get asked, if we haven't answered your question then please contact us!





How much will the following boxes cost?


Every month the box will be the same price, £15. Look out for our offers though as we will be doing some deals.


Do you ship worldwide?


Yes of course, we are based in the UK but want boxes to be available to everyone. Just select the subscription box reward and you will be able to pay the additional postage charge once the project has been fully funded. We will email you if you require extra postage.


Will there be a delivery charge?


No, delivery within UK is FREE! All international subscribers will be charged an additional fee of £5 to cover shipping costs. If you want it shipped internationaly then please email us at info@mycolouringbox.co.uk


What will be in the first box?


Its a surprise! Part of the excitement of My Colouring Box is that you never know what going to arrive. All I can say is that we make sure each box is filled with things we know you'll love.


How many items wil be in each box?


Thats a good question, we aim to have at least 1 adult colouring book, some colouring supplies, the My Colouring Box Challenge and an extra goodie in each box but depending on the cost of the items there maybe slightly more or slightly less. But we do guarantee that each month we make sure the contents of the box is worth more that the price you pay for the box.


When will I get my first box?


All of our boxes are shipped at the end of the month so you will receive them during the first week of each month, but we will email you to let you know that it's on it's way.


Can I buy a subscription for someone as a gift?


What a generous person you are. Yes, we will ship to what ever address you give us, email us to let us know its a gift and we will make sure they know its from you.



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